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We are professionally qualified interior designers based in Wokingham, UK, working with clients remotely and in-person. We provide flexible interior design services from full bespoke room design, to property restyling and staging, to developing a personalised ‘style toolkit’ for you to design your own home working at your own pace.

Our approach is unique because we use our training in the colour psychology of interior design to identify your unique interiors ‘style personality’, or your business’s unique style ethos, as the very first step in our design process. This enables us to create beautiful, personal, and thoughtful design schemes that will bring joy for years to come, rather than an identikit trend-led scheme that may date fast. You can explore our home transformation packages here. We also invest in sourcing talented suppliers whose unique products add character to our room schemes, and you can find out more about some of our partners here.

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Having a warm home that looks good and works well, and that you and your family and friends enjoy, must be one of the most worthwhile things in life…

Terence Conran, The House Book, 1974