How to choose a new kitchen; should you go with your head or your heart? As an interior design professional, I understand how daunting choosing a kitchen can be. It’s a big commitment and expense, and not something that’s easily changed once installed. And sometimes the weight of kitchen design decisions can be so scary that people end up going for something dull, which they don’t really love, but which they’re convinced will have universal appeal and won’t date.  This is the worst of both worlds, you’ve paid a large amount of money for something that should bring you joy every time you step into it, but doesn’t quite. Unfortunately, the reality is that all design dates and I’m pretty sure that very few people would be delighted to install a kitchen from the 1990’s!  We think the solution is to go for something that you really love right now. If there’s a particular design you’re strongly attracted to, and you’ve been pouring over countless brochures for some time and still love it, it’s often the right thing to go with what speaks to you most. It’s likely you’ll still love it in 5 or 10 years time, or more.

This photo is my current kitchen crush and I’m completely in love.  It’s a Neptune kitchen for Sarah-Louise & Christopher of @no.17house.   I’m trying to decide exactly what it is that appeals to me so much and I think it’s the combination of the beautiful, strongly veined marble, the pale wood and the warm, luxurious hardware. Even the sink is in the same marble, which adds a real elegance to the space.

When thinking about your kitchen think about each element and what it means to you.  My love of marble in kitchens & bathrooms is no brief fling, I’ve been using them for years.  It is such a classic material that I’m confident it’s not an investment that I’m going to regret.  The wooden cabinetry in this photo is a different matter.  I’ve always been quite a fan of the painted look, probably in classic white or a warm creamy taupe, but the interest of the grain and the modern, paler tone of this wood really brings life to the design.  Plus, it could always be painted over in the future when styles move on again.

My choices are made simpler though, by the fact that my personal style is all about beautiful, classic design.  If you’re a lover of colour and drama, you’ll never be happy with a white kitchen, and you’ll end up with a kitchen you regret.  The best approach is to think about how to use the colour to it’s best advantage.  Darker cabinets make an impact but choose moodier colours that are not too trend driven (dark green or navy are fabulous), and you won’t go wrong.

I’d also advise going for classic flooring as this is expensive and awkward to change.  Your tiles and splashback are a completely different matter!  Go for yellow, blue or purple, if that’s your thing.  They’ll put a smile on your face whenever you walk in the door, and if you get bored of them they’re a relatively easy change.  Also think about your kitchen décor as you would do in any other room.  There are so many beautiful rugs which are suitable for kitchen use, either because they’re machine washable or because they’re made for indoor or outdoor use and can be scrubbed clean.  Put up beautiful artwork and lots of family photos and display your favourite kitchenware on open shelves.  A kitchen doesn’t have to be purely functional, it’s often the most used room in the house so make it somewhere that suits your own style and which you love to spend time In.  Your house is for you and your Family so, unless you’re planning to move imminently, be brave and make it you own!