Are you creative?  It’s a question that many people assume has a yes or no answer, but in reality, we are all creative.  As children we picked up pencils and started drawing, we created whole new worlds with our toys and we got lost in our own imagination.   But as we get older life become more complicated.  We have responsibilities, we need to be sensible and there never seems to be enough hours in the day.  These pressures can make us forget the joy that being creative can bring.

Creativity is no different to any other skill, the more you practice it the better at it you become.  Even if you are not in a creative job, there are plenty of other opportunities to grow your creative muscle!  Do you enjoy cooking, sewing or writing?  As far as interiors are concerned, one of the best places to show our creativity is in our own homes.  This doesn’t have to mean becoming an expert in colour theory (although that is a fascinating subject!) or learning how to arrange flowers like a pro, it just means being more purposeful about your surroundings.  If you see a picture of a beautiful room which you really love, ask yourself what it is that most appeals to you?  Is it the wall colour? Is it the furniture?  Is it the way the light fills the room or is it the cosiness of an open fireplace?

Once you have a clearer picture of what you like, you can really explore that idea.  You might realise that you love the cheeriness of pale yellow, but you would like to keep it limited to some beautiful cushions, whilst the walls are painted a bright, warm white.  Or you might decide that you feel most relaxed with clean, uncluttered lines.  Whatever you choose, it is so rewarding to think of your home as a space where you can nurture your own creativity and make it a wonderful, welcoming environment for those you love.

At May Interiors we love helping our clients to clarify exactly what their own interior style is, so they can be more confident in their choices and understand the reasons why our designs are so thoughtfully designed especially for them.